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Do you know the difference between cold and flu? Fever, headaches and fatigue are common symptoms of the flu, but more uncommon in a cold. Whereas with colds, sore throats are common but less prevalent with the flu. If you have questions about your symptoms, speak to our pharmacist. They can provide you with advice on managing your symptoms and the best treatment options for you.

DID YOU KNOW? The positive health effects of quitting smoking can be seen within 24 hours. - In 6 hours your blood pressure has decreased~- In 24 hours there is more oxygen in your body~- In 3 months your lungs' natural cleaning system andbody's immune system is recovering~- In 12 months your risk of heart disease is now halfwhat it was when you were smoking.^ Speak to us about quitting the habit today. ~quit.org ^health.gov.au

Did you know, always feeling tired and snoring excessively are symptoms of sleep apnoea. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, you can take the Pharmacy Sleep Services' ‘Sleep Quiz’ at pharmacysleepservices.com.au/sleepquiz to find out whether you have undiagnosed sleep apnoea. If you complete this test and are at risk, you could receive a $50 Home Sleep Test Voucher to use at our pharmacy. Ask us for more information in store today.

It's Hearing Awareness Week and in Australia, almost 4 million people have some form of hearing loss.* Common causes of hearing loss are age-related and excessive exposure to loud noise.* If you or someone you know is worried about hearing loss, we encourage you to have your hearing checked. Speak to us about booking a free hearing check or hearing aid clean today. *health.gov.au

When quitting smoking we recommend using two different nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products. Why? Different NRT products work in different ways. For example, nicotine gum releases nicotine quickly, helping sudden cravings. Nicotine patches release nicotine slowly, giving you a steady dose of nicotine throughout the day.If you need help to quit smoking, speak to us today. www.health.gov.au