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September 2019

Snoring is a loud, noisy breathing sound that occurs during sleep. Sufferers may be unaware that they snore and only realise it upon observation by others. Snoring, which is more common in adults, may not always be linked to a health problem. However, snoring causing disrupted, unfulfilling sleep may be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Snoring and its causes The harsh, hoarse sounds of a snore are caused by turbulent airflow when breathing while asleep. When you sleep, the airway at the back of the throat narrows as the muscles relax. This may lead to turbulent airflow that causes the

What are Super Lice? Not so super after all! "Super lice" means lice that have developed resistance to pesticides used for killing them. It is a term coined by the media in 2015 after published research showed strains of head lice had developed resistance to pyrethroids, the type of pesticide used in over-the-counter lice treatments. Researchers have found that lice have gotten more and more resistant to pyrethroid products. In one report studies from 1995 indicated that permethrin was at least 96 percent effective, but recent reports are showing efficacy rates dropping to as low as 28 percent. If you have or your

A big thank you for my staff, Zee, Shelly and Max for organising our Guardian knitters morning tea 2019. A special thank you to Davia from Sigma for attending and helping us out too. 2019 has been another eventful year for us at Gorokan Guardian. We have helped many organisations and homeless around our area and we could not have done it without support from our local knitters. Thank you also to our loyal Gorokan Guardian angels group who has been active throughout the year. We at Gorokan Guardian love you all. It is important to recognize that knitting has been intertwined